About the New Zealand Welsh Black Cattle Society

The New Zealand Society was established in 1974 with members spread throughout New Zealand. An Annual General Meeting is held over a weekend during either April or May at different locations around the country.

Graded up female cattle is accepted for registration provided they are by a registered bull, but can not be classified as purebred until they reach 15/16th and pass inspection. Bulls must be 31/32nd and inspected before registrations. Although the Society's constitution contains a minimum of rules and regulations members are not encouraged to sell bulls which are below 31/32nd so that, should it be desired, any progeny can be registered.

Any further information such as the name of the breeder closest to you or the availability of bulls, females or semen please contact the Secretary.

Our Contact Details

New Zealand Society Secretary

Telephone: 09 422 5742
Email: [email protected]


Society Membership

Annual full subscription $100.00 
Associate subscription $40.00


Registration Fees

1/2 Welsh Black $10.00
3/4 Welsh Black $10.00
7/8 Welsh Black $10.00
Pure Females  $10.00
Pure Males $10.00